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The Travel Guys

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Week of March 26th
Family travel to Hawaii  Which Island


AMTRAK Superliner Family Bedroom

AMTRAK Kids and Family discounts


Week of October 30:
Riverboat Advantages and Cautions

Week of August 28
International Etiquette for U.S. Travels

Week of July 3
Five myths about Travel Insurance and

What Trump’s new Cuba policy means for travelers to the Island

What is Oberammergau?

Worldwide Caution

Week of June 12
Napa Valley

Week of March 27
Flying with an Infant

Week of March 6
Travel to Europe May Require Visa Under New Rules

Week of February 20
Passport Update

Week of February 6
Special Needs



Week of September 19
Rail pt. 1
Rail pt. 2

Week of August 8
Researching Flights From Alternative Airports

Week of June 6
All About Round the World Air Tickets

Week of May 2
Visa Waiver Enhancement
EU Commission Fact Sheet

Week of April 18
Airline Booking Ploys

Week of April 4
CUBA License information for travel  General and Specific

Week of February 22
Cinque Terre Limiting Guests and Fathom Cruise Cuba 

Week of February 8
Zika Virus Information

Week of January 4
REAL ID Frequently Asked Questions for the Public

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