Women Traveling Solo

Women Traveling Solo

“Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.” Helen Keller
Ladies traveling together – you have seen it time and again. What you usually notice is that they are having a great time. Ever wonder why? I believe it’s because they make it happen just by their very natures. However, not too many years ago the idea of ordinary women traveling alone to exotic destinations on trips designed especially for women was very novel. Happily, times have changed! The travel industry has been transformed and today thousands of women of all ages, and from all walks of life, pack their bags annually to head for exotic, worldwide, destinations.

Who is the solo woman traveler? She may be a businesswoman, wife, homemaker, mother, daughter, sister or caregiver. In fact all of these may be embodied in one individual. She is often heavily depended upon by the people in her life and never quite makes time for herself. The average woman adventurer is quite satisfied with her life and is successful in her current job or situation. She’s also confident about how she looks and feels, and makes an effort to stay in good physical condition. But even a superwoman needs to take a few days of vacation to renew body, mind and spirit, and doesn’t have the time to plan it. This is where women’s travel clubs come in. Women want to travel so they can have the opportunity to meet new people or challenge themselves by learning a new skill or activity. They also want to take a vacation that is out of the ordinary. They want to be physically active and (perhaps for the first time) venture out on their own, unfettered by the responsibilities of home and work. More than 60% of women solo travelers are repeat customers… evidence that women “feel great” about themselves – more confident, productive, and adventurous—when they come home from these types of vacations, so they return to try something new year after year.

Women have a unique sense of discovery, an unabashed curiosity, and the easy ability to laugh at themselves… attributes essential for the successful adventure traveler. They also naturally create a non-competitive environment of support and encouragement for each other. The joy of watching women blossom with self-confidence and stretch themselves to learn something new and challenging, and seeing women take the chance to travel alone—often for the first time—and being proud of themselves for having done it. Women who travel with other women now hear that it’s “healthy” to take a vacation on their own, and often their kids, husbands, or significant others give them the trip as a present. Most come alone, but an increasing number of women find it important to share the experience with their sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. Do you want to learn a new skill, challenge yourself, try something completely different, explore a new area, enjoy the company of other active women, alternate active days with a warm bed at night, or just relax in beautiful surroundings?

Who travels on women only trips?
Some women are single, some married or partnered. Many women join our trips on their own, while others travel with a friend or relative. Stay-at-home moms, professionals, students, businesswomen and retired women all joined women only trips. The diversity of women who come on these types of trips is one of the true pleasures of group travel. Why would I choose to go with an arranged group rather than on my own? Women choose to travel together for many reasons. Some come to learn new skills, so that they can pursue the activity on their own, or just to try something new. Some have trouble finding other women who share their love for adventure. Others simply lack the time to do all the organizing that any trip takes, and enjoy not having to hassle with all the details. And some women love the idea of going on a trip where they aren’t in charge, and can sit back and relax while someone else takes care of all of the planning.

Do I pay a single supplement if I come by myself?
Many women come on these trips without knowing anyone else on it. You only pay a single supplement if you want to be assured of having a room to yourself. Otherwise roommate arrangements can be made. If you sign up with a friend and want to be sure you share a room for the entire trip, just make sure that is noted at the time the reservation is secured.

Womens Safety & Travel Tips
Make smart choices and use your common sense. Don’t be paranoid, but be aware that bad things can happen, and protect yourself. Trust your instincts. If you feel something is off, wrong, strange – get out, move on, flee, scream, whatever is appropriate and do it quickly.

Protect Yourself I never travel without a simple rubber door-stop. It can stop intruders in their tracks. It’s inexpensive, light to pack, and gives you the peace of mind to sleep well.

Body language: Keep your head up, swing your arms and act confident. Adopt a no nonsense attitude. Walk with purpose and you’ll be less of a target for hustlers who prey on disoriented or timid tourists. Try to sit or stand next to other women or family groups in restaurants, on trains or buses, and in other public places. It is unlikely that you will be approached or harassed if you’re in the company of other people. Consider wearing a wedding ring, if you don’t already.

Dress appropriately. Clothing that is fashionable and appropriate in the USA may project a provocative image in another culture. Leave the revealing clothing at home.

Anticipate potential problems. For example: if a group of men or young boys approaches you on the sidewalk on your side of the street, cross to the other side to give them space and you peace of mind. Be sure to know when the sun rises and sets. A bustling market can quickly empty out and be transformed into dark deserted streets. Plan to be back to your lodging or in a safe, busy neighborhood by dark. Carry enough money in your shoe or money pouch to get you out of a tight spot. Be willing to spend this money on a cab in order to get you to a safe place or back to your lodging.

When was the last time you truly took time for yourself? Time just for you? Days of nurturing…your spirit of adventure… your spirit of creativity… your soul. Consider giving yourself – or someone close to you – the gift of renewal, the gift of time, the gift of bonding.