Non-Profit FUNdraisers
Your group or organization may have already experienced fund raisers that work well and those that did not. We have found that the ones that work best are “theme” oriented and can be combined with other activities in which the group may normally participate. It is equally important to maintain a high “perceived value” when offering purchases for your group or organization. Everyone would agree, winning a “free” cruise for the cost of a $1.00 raffle ticket is a GREAT value. It is also agreeable that while taking a trip as a group is fun and great for morale and unification, raising money for the trip is much easier when the cost of the trip is a good value and additional funds are being raised as well. Discoveries Travel can provide the perfect cruise for your needs. The following is an example of what can be raised when you offer a cruise to your group.

Raise Interest – Let’s face it, every charity wants your money! “What do I get for giving” is the big question asked by many today. “Why should I give to your charity and not to that other one?” There is always a better way to build a mouse trap and if you build it, will they come? First you must catch their attention. A Cruise Vacation, offered at a “Special Rate” which a portion includes a contribution to the organization gives everyone a great sense of excitement, value, and purposeful giving.

Raise Awareness – On a cruise vacation, participants can participate in seminars and special events such as awards night banquets, auctions and golf tournaments can be provided. Private parties can also be arranged.

Raise Unification – Getting to know more about the organization and its cause helps the giver feel more of a part in the overall process. “I’m not just a contributor, I am a participant.” Once relationships are established it’s harder to break those ties in the future. People want to see where their money is going and meet those who are responsible for the organization. But people also want to be made to feel an important part of the organization and they want to know that their opinions are as important as ther dollars. On a cruise vacation, you will have ample time to develop relationships and enjoy a new sense of camaraderie.

Raise Funds – Our agency as well as the cruise lines have programs in place to assist you with your fund raisers. In most cases we are able to match your donations raised through your cruise event. There are some exceptions and some limitations which might apply. Simply put, we provide a cruise vacation at an exceptional value to you. Your organization in turn determines an amount over the already discounted cruise rates to be the charitable contribution amount. In turn Discoveries Travel, in fellowship with the cruise line, will match either a portion of or all of those dollars. (some restrictions may apply)

Discoveries Travel works hard to maintain the integrity of the organization being represented in every fundraising campaign. Our only goal is to assist you in exceeding your goals. There is no charge for our service to non- profit organizations. Cruise Lines are eager to assist us with fund raisers. Many organizations have already found how successful an incentive like this can be.