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Earn Free Travel

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Do you want to be a Group Leader/Pied Piper? |

Where do you start? Do you belong to an affinity group?

Do you know a group of people who have something in common?

What is a group leader/pied piper? 
These are people within organizations or affinity groups who plan group activities. They can be self-appointed as in the case of family reunions, class reunions and/or affinity groups (i.e. bowling, garden clubs) or appointed, which is usually the case in regards to organizations such as religious, cultural society’s, philanthropic groups, etc.

What is the group leader responsibility? 
• They sign the agreement confirmation with the host agency as group representative.
•Group leaders choose which tours the organization offers to its members.
•They promote the trip/cruise ideas to the organization for decision.
• They sign the agreement confirmation with the host agency as group representative.
•They maintain a name list of those traveling, who will be traveling with whom, birthdates etc. and pass that information to the host agency.
• They verify the accuracy; legal name and spelling for documents
•They maintain accounting records of money collected for the travel and pass it to the host agency within the designated dates on the group contract.
• They communicate with those traveling all of the costs related to their trip, ie. Cancellation and change fees, optional insurance information. Etc.
•They distribute documents to all travelers in the group.
• They escort the group on the trip.

What is the benefit to the group leader?
Group leaders are paid in complimentary travel. This benefit can be enhanced to include their companion, depending on the size of the group. What if the organization wishes this to be a ‘ways and means’ moneymaker for the club or society? The pied piper is then the entire organization, with one designated communicator to the host agency.

How does this program work?
Instead of receiving the free travel, the organization through it’s representative can negotiate a ‘best price’ for the trip, up charge all participants, earning money from each booking to go towards a designated fund. What are the benefits to the organization? The ability to sell all of the ‘earned free space’, as well as keeping the ‘up-charge’ to be deposited into the donation fund. This works especially well in motivating the club or organization to create a large group. The larger the group the more money that can be earned for their cause. Many cruise lines will also contribute towards your fund and still allow you to earn amenities for the group. These amenities can be free cocktail parties, free space for welcome and farewell parties with drinks ‘on the house’ including snacks, or bottles of champagne per cabin, ship-board credits, lots of choices to enhance the group. All for prices less than the original brochure cost for the cruise!

Friends maybe who you enjoy their company and sharing fun times. Or, they could belong to an educational group, people with an interest in sharing a learning experience. Some may be motivated by adventure, some by eco-tourism, some by music, etc. You may belong to a philanthropic club, a sorority, a bowling league, a garden club, a drama club, a chamber of commerce the list goes on. Think outside the box. By doing so you can earn free travel or money – be creative.

Where do you go from here? Complete the application and we will prepare a proposal for you to promote. It is easy, it is fun and everybody wins.